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In the coziness of our own home

Dear Mrs Barbie,

I have wanted to express our deepest gratitude of our absolutely beautiful first home birth! I delight in my sweetheart husband and building our many special memories of home and life with our kiddos! I relish the joys of motherhood! And to be given the glowing opportunity of giving birth to our darling son in the comforts of our own lovely home was a tremendous gift!! After having one birth center birth and my following four hospital births, all with epidural and a few induced labors, wow, I excitedly share the intrinsic beauty and tranquility our home birth offered!

In the coziness of our own home, amidst the soft flicker of candles, the labor and birth of our sixth child will always be etched in my mommy memory as the most memorable one! I have loved each birth to its fullest of what I knew up to my sixth and only then, did I realize the wholeness a home birth provided. Under your professional and loving care, I have learned more about the beauty and naturalness of birth.

Thank you so much, Mrs Barbie, for giving our family the gift of our “whole birth” at the place we love the most ~ our home!

Love, Miriam