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Birthwise Midwifery Care is committed to providing expecting families with the utmost in both personal and professional care. This is evidenced by the many cards and letters expressing a profound gratitude for the exceptional care they received during the pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond.  Here's what people are saying about Barbie.

Melissa Iverson Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

I met Barbie when I was 18 years old (I am now 29). She was my moms midwife, her recommendations were high. My mom had four c-sections and then having one other home birth, she wanted a very experienced midwife. Barbie did a great job, and when my brother’s cord was wrapped tight around his neck, Barbie very calmly knew exactly what had to be done. She cut and clamped the cord before he was completely delivered. Everything else went wonderful and I had a healthy baby brother. I then went to work for Barbie in her office in Coeur d' Alene. I was able to see first hand how Barbie loved babies and how she took care of the women she saw. She also knows how important nutrition is during pregnancy, so you get a nutrition counselor as well! Later when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby (my first baby was born in California with a midwife) I was able to see Barbie! I had a wonderful experience! She even let me birth on her bed as we were just moving at the time. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Barbie was kind, she made me very comfortable and I knew that I was in the best hands. Not only did she deliver my brother and my second daughter but she has delivered many of my very good friend’s babies, as well as many other women I personally know.

Rebecca Wilbur Otis Orchards, Washington

Barbie was referred to me by several ladies in the church I grew up in. Once I met Barbie I knew she was the midwife for me. Her experience as an RN gave me confidence that she would know how best to care for me and my baby throughout my pregnancy and the birth. Barbie attended three of my four births. The only reason she did not attend my fourth was because she had relocated to another state. Barbie is a professional in every aspect of midwifery. I would not hesitate a second to recommend her services to anyone seeking a midwife. Thanks, Barbie!

Char Roemer Spokane, Washington

I chose Barbie Burrage for our midwife because I had been referred by some friends who told us that she was a very reputable midwife. After delivering 6 of our children, I was convinced that she had to be the best midwife there ever was. The knowledge base she had for every situation was amazing to me, plus, who doesn't like someone who knows exactly what she's doing right by your side rubbing your back and reassuring you in every step of the birthing process. I would recommend Barbie many times over to anyone wanting a homebirth to remember!

Christine Settanni Post Falls, Idaho

Barbie was my midwife for five out of seven births. I wish I had known her for the first two! I honestly believe a midwife needs to have a calling. Barbie has that calling. Her love, her intuition and her skills are well blended in her calm, supporting presence during births. I recommend her gladly and hope to have her at any future births I may be blessed with!

Steve & Effie Ligon-Bruno Hayden Lake, Idaho

My husband and I attended the Birthing workshop Barbie taught when we decided to have our first baby at home. The practical, down-to-earth discussions and films, the opportunity to listen to the experiences of our fellow classmates and the steady sensitivity of our midwife at the birth, all combined to help us feel confident and prepared for the wonderful and joyful birth of our son at home.”

Bo & Pam Hankins Golden, Colorado

After our first birth ended in a Cesarean Section for reasons we know now to be unjustified, we attend the Birthing workshop Barbie gave. At that time, we became aware of the realities of hospital birthing situations which led us to investigate the possibility of home birth. We have now had two homebirths and would not have it any other way! Barbie has become one of our closest friends through this experience!

Larry & Barb Howell Post Falls, Idaho

Although we had prepared ourselves by taking “Natural Childbirth Classes” with our second birth, the experience turned out to be a nightmare in which the decisions and control were taken away from us. We knew there had to be a better way. The insight we received through Barbie’s training and the motivation it gave us to search out alternatives, resulted in the uncomplicated, beautiful birth of our third child at home, where we were in control! We highly recommend Barbie to anyone wanting a beautiful homebirth!