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Advantages of Hombirth

Homebirth Advantages for the Mother

  • photo107She is not subjected to routine procedures, electronic monitoring, IV’s, multiple vaginal exams or stirrups.
  • She will have continuity of care with the same midwife and assistant throughout the entire process.
  • She will be treated as an individual, rather than being sacrificed to a set of protocols or procedures.
  • She is much less likely to require drugs for pain, forceps or a cesarean section when she has a midwife who knows that birth is a normal physiological function.
  • She is comfortable in her own surroundings, relaxed and able to labor and deliver as she chooses.
  • Postpartum depression is much less common since there is no separation of mother and baby, and because the midwife relationship/support continues well after the birth.

Homebirth Advantages for the Family

  • In their own homes, family is able to participate as fully as the mother pleases.
  • Other children can be present as appropriate.
  • The birth is an integral part of family life, which helps with postpartum adjustment.