Homebirth Midwife in Fort Collins

Exceptional Care

Certified Professional Midwife
38 Years Experience
Serving Northern Colorado


Quick Facts . . .

Assisted over 3000 births during the past 38 years.

Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives 'NARM'

Registered with the Department of Regulatory Agencies 'DORA' 

Former registered labor/delivery room nurse in Phoenix, Arizona


MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America)

CMI (Christian Midwives International)

CMA (Colorado Midwives Association)

IMC (Idaho Midwifery Council)

ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association

AAHCC (Bradley-method certified instructor in 1973) Missions

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The Homebirth Experience

The most gentle birth is assisted by a midwife who honors baby's birth experience, helping to create a welcoming atmosphere of trust, joy and love.

For the Baby - A safe and gentle birth is the foundation for a baby's physical and emotional well-being. 

For the Mother - For a healthy woman, the safest birth takes place in the home with an experienced birth attendant.

Barbie Burrage CPM RM LM (Certified Professional Midwife, Registered Midwife, Licensed Midwife).

I've had a homebirth practice since 1976. In the past 38 years, I have assisted in over 3000 families birth their babies in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Prior to my midwifery practice, I worked in Phoenix, Arizona, as a Labor/Deliver Room RN. It was my growing concern from watching births being managed and manipulated by medical intervention, resulting in medically induced complications and increased Cesarean Sections that drove me to seek a way to offer women an alternative way to birth their babies.